86 years ago, Giuseppe Zamberlan set up repairing shoes- he soon moved into footwear production- Together with Vitale Bramani, founder of Vibram he improved on what was the normal walking footwear of the time -soles made of leather with iron studs and they produced footwear that was revolutionary – made with waterproof treated leather and rubber soles developed by Vibram

Now it is the turn of the third generation. Marco and Maria Zamberlan, the grand children who now manage the family company. Zamberlan is distributed in more than 40 countries and continues to manufacture its most traditional and prestigious models in Italy.

  • Zamberlan Outdoor

    Zamberlan’s products are addressed to all the sportspersons interested in the latest technological application with an high contents of quality, comfort, performance and design. As a family run business, Zamberlan have always cared about quality, considered a top priority for the company, using the best materials available on the market and the utmost care have always been taken in the manufacturing of all its products. Large investments are regularly made on researching and developing new moulds, materials, exclusive and specialty soles. The collection is made by different ranges: Alpine: The boots in this category are designed for high level mountaineering and are suitable for use on high routes in the mountains, glaciers and ice climbing. They are lasted to provide a precise fit, maximum sensitivity and great performance. Some of them feature single piece uppers, thick premium grade Hydrobloc® leather, tough hardware, stiff midsoles and Vibram® outer-soles. They can be used with a variety of crampons, although exact choice and fitting depends on the performance and intended use of the boot. Climbing: Zamberlan®’s selection of climbing shoes is engineered to ensure a precise fit, quality components and craftsmanship, excellent comfort and high performance. The styles vary based on both the construction specifications and the fit of the lasts to best suit the various climbing challenges of our customers. Icona: These impressively durable boots are developed by combining traditional welted construction - tailored by Zamberlan® - with innovative details and technical materials. Zamberlan®’s most skilled craftsmen handcraft all models in this category in Italy. The result is a unique, vintage look combined with modern outdoor performance. Backpacking: The boots in this category are specifically designed to provide the comfort and support needed for long treks, backpacking trips and snowshoeing. They are tough and suitable to cope with all kinds of terrain and weather conditions. They feature high performance midsoles, which are stiff enough to ensure excellent stability and body support on rough terrain, combined with high traction and high grip soles with a cushioning systems for added comfort. Speed Hiking: Zamberlan®’s Speed Hiking collection is a new family of very lightweight and dynamic shoes for tackling the mountains, both on and off trail! This collection incorporates elements of hiking, nordic walking and running, at a pace you can enjoy no matter the distance. These shoes are very comfortable and lightweight, yet robust, stable and precise. Trail Hiking: Zamberlan®’s Trail Hiking collection is an extremely comfortable family of rugged low and mid-cut shoes suitable for light trail hiking and everyday use. This collection features a new last to offer a great fit, the exclusive Zamberlan® Vibram® Trail Hiking sole with a molded EVA midsole for low weight and excellent cushioning, lightweight, high quality Hydrobloc® leather uppers for added protection, and a new footbed for even greater comfort. Junior: Boots and shoes created for the small ones just with the same care and attention. Technical details, high standard materials, comfortable fit to ensure quality, stability, flexibility, durability and overall comfort.