As a modern family-run company and Europe’s environmentally friendly outdoor supplier, VAUDE takes its social and environmental responsibility very seriously. They work in three business segments: Mountain Sports, Bike Sports and Packs & Bags.

VAUDE has been working with the strict environmental Bluesign® standard since 2001, which controls the entire textile manufacturing chain. They were also the first Outdoor company to receive EMAS certification. VAUDE has set them-selves the goal of gradually transforming the entire product range so that it is manufactured according to the highest standards of environmental compatibility.


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    "Come Brands, come Governments and Shoppers... let's listen to the people who make our clothes..."

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    We are proud to be part of the Fair Wear Foundation
    The Times they are a changin' - Fair Wear Foundation
    At Fair Wear Foundation, we know there's a better way to make clothes. A fair way. The Times they are a changin'. This is the time to play your part.